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      How it all got started

      My name is Khadija and I am a Dutch converted muslima. I am married and have two children. In my search for imaginative and educational toys for my little ones, I noticed that there were very few to no Islamic toys for sale in the Netherlands. This is a pity, because I wanted to introduce Islam to my children in a playful and educational way.

      Introduce kids to Islam

      Of course, my children can play with a lot of toys non-muslim children also play with. Still, I think it would be very nice if they could play with toys especially designed for muslims. This way, are introduced to the Islamic customs and way of life in a playful and also educational manner.

      Islamic and Arabic oriented toys

      On foreign websites I saw the most amazing Islamic and Arabic oriented toys. Unfortunately they were not for sale in the Netherlands. This made me decide to start the first online Islamic toy store in the Netherlands (www.islamitischspeelgoed.nl).

      Designing my own educational toys

      After a very successful first year, I was ready to set off for a slightly different adventure, designing my own educational toys. The first design I made is the stencil pack containing six beautifully drawn stencils picturing different aspects of Islamic life.